Extra Exposure

Sports and Games

Sports and games facilities for the overall development of the student community are available on the campus. They include: Kabaddi courts, Ball-Badminton courts, Kho-Kho Court, Volley ball courts, Basketball Court, Indoor Games Room for Table Tennis,CaromandChess are available.
A modern and well-furnished flood-lit indoor stadium with wooden flooring (Tongue & Groove system) with facilities for badminton is available.
The college has a playground with 200m track, high jump pit, Long jump pit, sectors for shot-put, Discus throw and Javelin throw besides other facilities for different track and field events.
Gymnasium: The multigym houses 8 exercise facilities and is equipped for weight lifting also.

Orientation Programme

The students along with their parents are taken through an Orientation programme at the beginning of the academic year by the Principal and the teachers where they are briefed of the expectation of the teachers, the evaluation patterns, examination systems, the facilities available and all the academic requirements.

National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)

An N.C.C. army wing attached to 18 Karnataka Battallion, Mangalore has been functioning with 50 cadets to inculcate discipline, punctuality, nationalism, spirit of adventure and leadership quality among students.

National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)

Two NSS units of 100 students each in degree section headed by experienced faculty members are functioning to develop dignity of labour, social servicing mentality and sensitivity to an awareness of social causes among our students.

Career Guidance & Placement Cell

A career guidance cell functions and provides necessary literature, information and training to students to pursue career opportunities.

S.C. & S.T. Welfare Cell

Special care is taken to give extra training in all academic aspects to SC & ST students keeping their welfare in mind.

Grievance Redressal Cell

The college has a well organised grievance redressal cell comprising the Correspondent of the college, Principal and a few faculty members to look into the genuine problems of its employees and students to suggest possible remedies.


Arranges programmes by the artists of international repute in classical music and performing arts.

Women Empowerment Cell

To enlarge the areas of opportunities for girl students, a cell has been established which gives training in various skills.

Committee Against Sexual harassment (CASH)

The cell has been established to take care of the women against harassment in the workplace.

Women Anti-harassment Cell

The cell has been established to take care of the women against harassment in the workplace.

Parents and Teacher Association (PTA)

Parent-Teacher Association of the college is actively involved in helping the activities of the college. Parent-Teacher Association meeting is held at least once a year. Besides, the executive meeting of the PTA is held in every semester to discuss the issues pertaining to the implementation of the action plan. In the PTA meeting, all the relevant information about the activities of the college and details about the performance of the students are given and feedback of the parents is obtained. Meetings of the parents of SC/ST students are also arranged. Special lecturers are arranged to create awareness among the parents about the various avenues that the SC/ST students have before them.

Yakshagana – Dance, Drama and Music

Yakshagana, pronounced as yaksha-gaana, a traditional dance drama, is a unique harmony of musical tradition, elaborate costumes, authentic styles of dance, improvised gestures and acting with its extemporaneous dialogue. It is a vibrant, vigorous living form of theatre art. It is popular in the districts of the undivided Dakshina Kannada, Uttara Kannada, Shimoga, and the Kasaragod district of Kerala. The form is said to have arisen from the Vaishnava bhakti movement in the 11th century as a means of entertaining and educating the common people. Yakshagana played a vital role in propagating the virtues portrayed in Indian mythology as it chose its themes from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the different mythological tales from the Puranas.
Yakshagana is performed in a rectangular stage, built with four wooden poles on the corners and covered on top by mats of palm leaves on the top. Away from the backstage is a small chowki, the green room for the performers. The audience sits on all the three sides of the platform and a curtain covers only the back of the stage. A raised bench or some tables are placed behind the stage for the Bhagavata and his accompanists, the Himmela. The man who plays the chande (drum) sits at the right hand corner. A performance begins with a prelude called the “Sabhalakshana’ followed by the “Prasanga” The dialogues are traditionally impromptu, and are rendered by the actors with the flow of the song. The unique feature of Yakshagana is that the female roles are portrayed by male actors.
The two variants of Yakshagana are Badagutittu and Tenkutittu, differentiated by the instruments played, and the costumes worn. Thenku thittu is seen in some parts of Udupi district, Dakshina Kannada district and Kasargod. It is characterized by the influence of carnatic music and the dance where there are a lot of high spins in the air and continuous spinning as well. The Badagu Thittu is from Kundapur to Byndoor and Uttara Kannada district. Here importance is given to dialogues and facial expressions. The headgear and costumes of this form are also very elaborate.


Our institution has had a Yakshagana Kendra for the last four decades imparting training to the students in this rich art form. Those trained here have won acclaim for their excellence all over the state. The troupe of the Kendra has won prizes in the university level yakshagana competitions a number of times. Yakshgana performance has been an indispensable part of the Annual Day celebrations of the college since the Kendra came into existence. The uniqueness of the Kendra lies in the fact that it has succeeded in transforming a large number of female students into excellent yakshagana artistes over the years.

The details of the special yakshagana performance arranged when the NAAC Peer Team visited the college in 2016:

  • Bhagavatha – Yogeesh Aladangadi(Himmela – Background)
  • Maddale – Venkatesh Shetty Moorje(Himmela – Background)
  • Vishnu – Shreepriya Karanth, III B.Com.(Mummela – Foreground)
  • Lakshmi – Rashmi M.P, III B.Com.(Mummela – Foreground)
  • Sudarshana – Madhukara, III B.Com.(Mummela – Foreground)
  • Shathru Prasoodhana – Sachin Holla, III B.Com.(Mummela – Foreground)
  • Devendra – Anusha, III B.Sc.(Mummela – Foreground)
  • Vishnu – Shreepriya Karanth, III B.Com.(Mummela – Foreground)
  • Devadhootha – Medha Ramakunja, III B.Com.

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