Summer School Event


· To expose students to a unique college atmosphere
· To foster personal growth in a highly supportive environment where students carry out daily task.
· To instil values of team work and individual responsibility.
· To build individual character, confidence and skills.
· To develop critical thinking and reasoning ability.


As we know due to competitive studies subsisting with the syllabus is an ordeal for the school students, to counter balance their laborious days at school, the students wile away the hours during their vacations. But there are students who look out for effective ways of spending their vacations. Scrutinizing this aspect, the concept of summer school arose.

The Practice:

The principals of various high schools are contacted well in advance and select students from each school are invited to our college. Diverse topics like communicative English, Critical Insights, Biographies, Soft skills, Computer Basics, Physics, chemistry, Basic Maths, Library etc. would be engaged by our teachers or resource persons. The hour long sessions are made comprehensive and appealing to the students. In addition, queries pertaining to the topics are also encouraged. Some sessions may also include practical procedural training to ensure the sessions to be more productive and engaging.

The post lunch session provides computer training to the students to develop the skills of operating some essential and fundamental applications of the computer. Since internet knowledge and usage has increased now a days, we aim to empower the students to keep them abreast of the latest developments in the field of technology.

Evidence of success:

The reason for the continued practice of the summer school camp speaks for itself. Collecting feedback from the students who have attended the camp facilitated us in understanding the success of the camp. The feedbacks clearly depict how the camp has been influential and empowering to the students followed by the earnest follow up by the schools in the next consecutive years.

Problems encountered and Resources required:

An important barrier could be the medium of instruction. 50% of the total students belong to Kannada medium schools and conveying the topics to them in English could be challenging. There could be some inconveniences between the students in developing a good rapport. Since they hail from different schools, there could be a contrariety in the perception of the topics by the students based on their IQ levels.

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