Student Research Project

The College places special emphasis on research activities geared towards the needs of the students and community at large.

Student Research Projects – Guidance by Faculty members:


Name of the Faculty



Research activity

1Dr. H. R. SujathaLibrary 2011-12 “Utilization of Information
Resources and Services of Bantwal
Branch Public Library”
2Ms. Rama Devi Mathematics 2011-12 “Project on Aryabhata’s contribution to Mathematics”
3Ms. Rama Devi Mathematics 2011-12 “Project on Aryabhata’s Life
History and his contribution to
Mr.Narayana BhandaryPolitical Science 2011-12 “Information on Sangabettu Grama
5Mr.Narayana BhandaryPolitical Science 2011-12 “Student Project on Bantwal
6Dr. H. R. SujathaLibrary 2012-13 “Reading Habits among the Users of the Public Library, Bantwal: A
7Mr.Ranilesh R. Computer
2012-13 “Tourist Places of Dakshina
8Ms.Premalatha PaiEconomics 2012-13 “Impact of SHGs in households - a case study of Manchi Gram
9Mr .Nelson Marwin
2012-13 “Project on TATA Motors”
10Mr .Manoj Kumar LondheP.G.
2012-13 “Multinational Companies”
11Ms.Swathi NayakP.G.
2012-13 “A Study on Consumer Durable
Market for Samsung Electronics
12Mr. Nelson Marwin
2012-13 “A Study on Life Insurance policy”
13Ms.Vinanthi Gopal Krishna Botany 2012-13 “Comparison of NPK levels in the soil samples from various agricultural lands and their effects on plant growth”
14Mr .Sharaschandra K. S. P.G.
2013-14 “Study on Real Estate Business with Special Reference to T3 Urban
Developers Pvt. Ltd.”
15Mr .Manoj Kumar LondheP.G.
2013-14“A Study on Process Management with special Reference to Cashew
16Mr .Nelson Marwin
2013-14 “A Study on Process Management with special Reference to Cashew
17Mr.Sharaschandra K. S. P.G.
2013-14 “A Brief Study on Finance Report
2012-2013 in MRPL Mangalore”
18Mr.Manoj Kumar LondheP.G.
2013-14 “Performance Analysis of Ford
19Mr.Nelson Marwin
2013-14 “A Study on customer satisfaction of Bharath Auto Cars Pvt Ltd
20Mr.Sharaschandr a K. S. P.G.
2013-14 “A Study on customer satisfaction of Bharath Auto Cars Pvt Ltd
21Ms.Saroja B. Computer
2013-14 “History of Apple Computers”
22Mr.Narayana BhandaryPolitical Science 2013-14 “Information on Rayee Grama
23 Mr.Narayana BhandaryPolitical Science 2013-14 “Information on Tenka Yedapadav
Grama Panchayath”
24Mr.Narayana BhandaryPolitical Science 2013-14 “Information on Kavala Mudoor
Grama Panchayath”
25Mr.ThukaramaPoojaryHistory 2013-14 “Tulu Baduku – Ondu Adhyayana”
26Mr.Ramananda Bhat D. Chemistry 2013-14 “Moral Values in Sanskrit
27Ms.Zeena Coelho Chemistry 2013-14 “Analysis of Milk” not opened.
28Ms.Zeena Coelho Chemistry 2013-14 “Analysis of Milk”
29Dr.Sundara MoilyChemistry 2013-14 “Estimation of iron present in iron tablets supplied to the school children of Bantwal Taluk using spectrophotometric method”
30Ms.Zeena Coelho Chemistry 2013-14 “Analysis of Copper Alloys”
31Ms.Premalatha PaiEconomics 2013-14 “Gender Ratio in select schools in
32Ms.Sakeena Nasser Economics 2013-14 “Study on experience of
Autorickshaw Drivers in Bantwal
2013-14 “Project on Vedic Mathematics”
34Ms.Kavitha D. Mathematic
2013-14 “Project on Exponential Functions”
35Ms.Shashikala M.PPhysics 2013-14 “Superconductors”
36Ms.Shashikala M.P. Physics 2013-14 Photonics
37Dr.Manjunath Udupa K Hindi 2013-14 “Kabir Das as a Social Reformer”
38Ms.SrideviBhatCommerce 2013-14 “Mergers and Acquisitions as an expansion strategy of banks in
39Dr. H.R. SujathaLibrary 2014-15 “Students Usage & Preferences for Emerging Technologies & their impact on Libraries”
40Ms.Renita Josna SanthmayoraComputer
2014-15 “Student Information Management System”
41Mr.Narayana BhandaryPolitical Science 2014-15 “Women Empowerment”
42Mr.Narayana BhandaryPolitical Science 2014-15 “Review of Union Budget 2015-16”
43Mr.Ramananda Bhat D. Sanskrit 2014-15 “Scientific thoughts in Sanskrit literature”
44Dr.ManjunathUdupa K Hindi 2014-15 “Relevance of Kabir Literature”
45Mr.Sharaschandra K. S. P.G.
2014-15 “FDI in Insurance Sector”
46Dr. T.K. RavindranEnglish 2014-15 “Functioning of Language
Laboratories in the Colleges
Affiliated to Mangalore University”
47r. T.K. RavindranEnglish 2014-15 “Shakespearean Theatre: An
48Dr.Panduranga NayakCommerce 2014-15 “Mergers and Acquisitions in
Cement Industry in India”
49Mr.VinayakPaiCBE2014-15 “An Awareness about e-banking
Services among students”
50Mr. Vishnu PujariCommerce 2014-15 “ A Study of the Customer
Satisfication of Pai Sales Private
Limited, Pandeshwar, Mangalore
51Mr. Ramananda BhatSanskrit2015-16 SamskritheVanijyam”
52Mr. Shivanna PrabhuKannada2015-16“ 4 Yogas in Bhagavad Geetha”
53Dr. T.K.RavindranEnglish2015-16“ Indianism in the English Language”
54Ms.Rashitha K.N.English2015-16“ R. K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days”- An Analysis
55Ms. PrathimaCommerce2015-16Reports on Corporation Bank Bantwal Canara Bank, Bantwal
Vijaya Bank, Bantwal, State Bank of India, Bantwal
56Ms. Poornima Ms. KavithaMathematics2015-16“ The Great Indian Mathematicians and Their Contributions”
57Dr. Manjunatha UdupaHindi2015-16“ Godaan:Ek Adhyayan”
58Ms. Shashikala M.PPhysics2015-16“Experimental Determination of Spring, Constant for Both Series and Parallel Combination”
59Mr. Narayan BhandaryPolitical Science2015-16“ Budget 2016”
60Ms. Lakshmi BhatBusiness Management2015-16A Report on the Analysis of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
61Ms. Shashikala M.PPhysics2015-16“ Determination of Wave Length of the Given Laser Light by the Method of Diffraction”
62Ms. Deepa ShenoyBusiness Management2015-16A Study of Stock Exchange and Indices
63Ms. YashaswiniBusiness Management2015-16A Study on the Fluctuations in Value of Currency Rate
64Ms. Lakshmi BhatBusiness Management2015-16Rural Marketing Strategies of Sri Krishna Bricks and Tiles Private Limited, Kalladka
65Ms. Lakshmi BhatBusiness Management2015-16A Report on Cashew Processing at Shree Venkateshwara Processors, Janaka Estates, Vittal
66Ms. Lakshmi BhatBusiness Management2015-16A Report on RR group of Concerns, Melkar Wood Industry
67Ms. Lakshmi BhatBusiness Management2015-16A Report on RR group of Concerns, Melkar Wood Industry
68Ms. Lakshmi BhatBusiness Management2015-16Manufacturing and Sales Marketing – A study with Reference to Sri Lakshmi Janardhana Bottling Company, Panemangalore
69Prof. Thukarama PoojaryHistory2015-16Vermi Culture
70Ms. KavyashreeZoology2015-16Vermi Culture
71Ms. Bharathi BhatZoology2015-16Bird Nests
72Ms. Bharathi BhatZoology2014-15Ornamental Fishes
73Ms. Bharathi BhatZoology2015-16Butterflies of D.K
74Ms. Bharathi BhatZoology2015-16Birds of D.K
75Ms. Bharathi BhatZoology2015-16Exotic and Local Cats
76Ms. Bharathi BhatZoology2015-16Genetics
77Ms. Bharathi BhatZoology2015-16Air Pollution
78Ms. Bharathi BhatZoology2015-16Monkey Behaviour
79Ms. MohiniComputer Science2015-16Hardware Management
80Ms. Swathi RComputer Science2015-16Student Information System
81Ms.Premalatha PaiEconomics2015-16Socio-economic Conditions of 70 households in Bantwal
82Ms. Zeena CoehloChemistry2015-16Chromatology
83Ms. Prathima Commerce2015-16Consumer Preference towards Online shopping- with Special Reference to Students in Bantwal
84Ms. Yashaswini PCommerce2015-16An -Organisational Study of BSNL- Products and Services
85Ms. Shashikala M.PPhysics2015-16Determination of Force Constant
86Ms. Shashikala M.PPhysics2015-16Laser Diffraction
87Mr. Narayan BhandaryPolitical Science2015-16A Project on Gram Panchayath- Rayee
88Mr. Vishnu PoojaryCommerce2015-16A Study on the Customer Satisfaction of PAI Sales Corporation, Pandeshwar, Mangalore.
89Dr. Nagaveni NKannada2015-16“Oushadheeya Sasyagalu”
90Mr. Kittu RamakunjaKannada2015-16“Oushadheeya Hoovugalu”
91Dr. Nagaveni NKannada2015-16“Yakshaganada Apoorva Kalavide: Ms. Geetha L. Bhat”
92Dr. Nagaveni NKannada2015-16“Bannada Veshakke Banna tumbida Subraya Holla”
93Ms. Akhila PaiCommerce2015-16“Awareness about PMJDY Among Rural Masses- A Study of Bantwal Taluk”
94Ms. Ashwitha Commerce2015-16“A Study on Effect of Technology in Banks”
95Ms.Jayasheela KEnglish 2016-17The Role of Curriculum Vitae in the Job Market
96Ms.Rashitha K NEnglish 2016-17Novels of Chetan Bhagat
97Ms. Saroja B2016-17E- stock
98Ms. Mohini KComputer scienceDepartment –INFO
99Mr.Narayana Bhandary Political science 2016-17Grama Sabha of Panjikallu Panchayath
100Ms.Manjula DPG department of commerce 2016-17Real Estate Business in Bantwal - A Comprehensive Study
101Ms. Manjula DPG department of commerce2016-17Employee Retention Strategy – A Study with Special Reference to Campco Chocolate Factory , Puttur
102Mr.Manoj Kumar LondhePG department of commerce2016-17Market for Luxury Brands – A Study of Electronic Goods Market in B.C.RoadDr. Parameshwar Bhat.N
103Dr. Parameshwar Bhat.NPG department of commerce2016-17Employee Motivation System- A Study of the Motivation System Followed in Private Sector Undertaking at Bantwal
104Mr. Nelson Manion Fernandes PG department of commerce2016-17Marketing of Financial Services in Banking Industry –A Study with Special Reference to Vijaya Bank- Siddakatte Branch
105Mr.Manoj Kumar LondhePG department of commerce2016-17A Report on the Stress Management of Workers with Special Reference to Cashew Industry, Moodbidri
106Dr. Parameshwar Bhat.NPG department of commerce2016-17Customer Satisfaction on Midsize Cars – A Study in Bantwal Taluk
107Mr. Nelson Manion FernandesPG department of commerce2016-17A Study on the Functional Aspects of Bantwal Vyavasaya Seva Sahakari Sangha – Bantwal
108Dr. T.K. RavindranEnglish 2016-17The English Proficiency of Science students : A Survey
109Ms. Shashikala M.PPhysics2016-17Recent Discoveries in Field of Physics
110Ms. YashaswiniBusiness Adminisration2016-17Study on Fluctuations in Value of Currency
111Ms. YashaswiniBusiness Adminisration2016-17Study on Car Manufacturing Industries in India
112Ms. Bharathi PHistory2016-17Bantwal Talukina Devalayagalu
113Ms. Thukarama Poojary History2016-17Traditional Modes of Transportation in D.K.District
114Ms. Premalatha PaiEconomics2016-17Academic Performance of SC/ST Students of SVS College
115Ms. Poornima
Ms. Kavitha
Mathematics2015-16“ The Great Indian Mathematicians and their Contributions”
116Mr. Ramananda Bhat Sanskrith2016-17“Megha Dhuthe Prakriti Soundaryam”
117Ms. DivyaEconomics2016-17Economic Conditions of Petty Shop Keepers- A Case Study of 5 Petty Shopkeepers in Bantwal
118Ms. PratibhaEconomics2016-17Impact of SHGs on Households- A Study in Panchayath
119Dr. NagaveniKannada2016-17Yaksharangada Bhagavatha Diggaja “Balipa Narayana Bhagavatha”
120Dr. NagaveniKannada2016-17“ Pundu Veshakkae Bhashya Bareda Shridhara Bhandari
121Mr. Shivanna PrabhuKannada2016-17Festivals of Islam
122Ms. Harshitha K.Computer Science2017-18Moving bi-cycle
123Ms. Harshitha K.Computer Science2017-18Flying Indian Flag
124Ms. Harshitha K.Computer Science2017-18A man Walking in Rain and A moving Car
125Ms. Harshitha K.Computer Science2017-18Fire-Crackers and Flow of water from a tap
126Ms. Harshitha K.Computer Science2017-18Rainbow and 3D Car
127Ms. Harshitha K.Computer Science2017-18Moving Cycle and
Night View of Taj Mahal
128MS. SarojaComputer Science2017-18BCA Department Info.
129Ms. Swathi R.Computer Science2017-18Student info
130Ms. Harshitha K.Computer Science2017-18Hampi Stone Chariot
& Moving Car and Truck
131Mr. Nelson Marwin FernandesM.Com2018-19Impact of Urbanization on the Paddy Growers-Bantwal taluk
132Mr. Nelson Marwin FernandesM.Com2018-19Customer Perception towords Insurance Sector with Special Reference to LIC India
133Ms. Manjula D.M.Com2018-19A study on Customer Perception towards Online Marketing- A Comparative Analysis with traditional marketing
134Ms. Manjula D.M.Com2018-19A Study on the Impact of Fertilizers and Chemicals on Agriculture with reference to Bantwal Taluk
135Ms. Manjula D.M.Com2018-19Investment Avenues in Financial Markets
136Ms. Akshatha S.M.Com2018-19Individual perception towards Real Estate as an investment avenue with special reference to Bantwal Taluk.
137Ms. Akshatha S.M.Com2018-19A study on Women Empowerment through SHGs with special reference to Bantwal taluk
138Ms. Swathi Shetty D.M.Com2018-19Customer Satisfaction towards Mid Size Cars with Special Refrence to Maruthi Suzuki
139Ms. Swathi Shetty D.M.Com2018-19An emperical study on perception of degree students towords SB Accounts of selective banks with refrence to students of S.V.S College Bantwal
140Mr. Shivanna PrabhuKannada2018-19Bharathiya Shasthriya Nrathya Paddathigalu- Ondu Parichaya
141Kannada2018-19Kuvempuravara Kadambarigalalli Prani Parisara
142Political Science2018-19Project on Grama Sabha of Amtady Panchayath
143Political Science2018-19Project on Grama Sabha of Aarambodi Panchayath
144Ms. Zeena CoelhoChemistry2018-19Sterilisation of water using bleaching powder
145Ms. Supriya BendeCommerce2018-19A Study on Customer Awareness and Satisfaction Level towards Modicare Products with special reference to Bantwal Taluk
146Mr. Karthik NayakCommerce2018-19Red Ocean Strategy with special refrence to Premium Cosmetics
147Ms. Akshatha PrabhuCommerce2018-19A Study on Affects of GST on Retailers
148Ms. Shashikala M.P.Physics2018-19Lazer Diffraction
149Ms. Shashikala M.P.Physics2018-19Specific Rotation of Sugar Solution using Polarimeter
150Ms. Harshitha R.Botany2018-19Pond Ecosystem
151Ms. Harshitha R.Botany2018-19Marine Ecosystem
152Ms. Harshitha R.Botany2018-19River Ecosystem
153Ms. Harshitha R.Botany2018-19Forest Ecosystem
154Dr. DakshayiniZoology2018-19Passion towards Apis
155Dr. DakshayiniZoology2018-19Rhythm of Animal world- A study on animal behaviour
156Dr. DakshayiniZoology2018-19Beauties of Westernghats
Life of Web Spider
157Dr. DakshayiniZoology2018-19The Beautiful Geographical Vicinity
158Dr. DakshayiniZoology2018-19Creepers of the Jungle
159Ms. Mohini K.Computer Science2018-19Student Profile Management System
160Ms. Mohini K.Computer Science2018-19Student Attendance

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