Dr. Vinayaka K.S.

Assistant Professor & Head of the Dept.of Botany
Sri Venkataramana Swamy College Bantwal

Educational Qualification:

  • Ph.D., Kuvempu University, Life science- Applied Botany -2012
  • M.Sc., Kuvempu University, Department of Applied Botany – 2007
  • M.A., Sociology, DDE Kuvempu University – 2017
  • B.Sc., Kuvempu University, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology (CBZ) – 2005


  • P.G. Diploma in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.
  • P.G. Diploma in Genetics.
  • P.G. Diploma in Human Resource Management.
  • P.G. Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights
  • P.G. Diploma in Kannada Journalism
  • Certificate course on Molecular Technique.
  • Basic in Computer Applications.


2008- Travel Award, National Science Foundation (NSF), The Field Museum, Chicago

2007- August to 2010 March- Junior Research Fellowship, UGC, New Delhi.

2008– Poster presentation 3rd prize in National symposium on plant resources of India: linking conservation, livelihood & culture.

2009– Oral presentation 1st prize in National seminar on Plant biodiversity and Bioprospecting

2009– Travel Award to taxonomy workshop Sponsored by the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

2009– SFRR – Travel Award, Lucknow, India

2000– SSLC topper for Govt. High School Karanagiri, Shimoga

2009– IISC – Travel Award, Bangalore, India

2010– SCB-Travel Grants, Canada

2010– Wild IDEA research equipment grants, USA

2011– Visiting Scientist grants, Field Museum, USA

2012– Oral presentation 3rd prize in National symposium on Biodiversity and sustainability: present problems and future prospects.

2012– Travel Award, National Science Foundation (NSF) to Thailand

2012– Travel Award, Department of Science and Technology (DST) to Malaysia

2012– DST Young Scientist Fast Track Project

2014– IndiraGandhi Sadbhavana award

2014– Excellence in Teaching by SVVS

2015– Radhakrishna Shikshana Ratna award

2018– Oral presentation 1st prize in Present Scenario of basic and applied bio science.

As A Resource Person:

  • Biodiversity of the Western Ghats: Focusing on Plant Wealth. 2010. Hongirana Residence College, Sagara.
  • Lichens of the Western Ghats. 2012. In: National seminar on taxonomy held at MGM College, Udupi
  •  Biodiversity and Ecosystem of Western Ghats, India 2011. DVS Independent PU College, Shimoga.
  • Lichen as Bioindicators. 2010. In: Dept. of Botany, Kuvempu university, Special talk in Botanical society meeting.
  • Bio wealth of Western Ghats. 2011.  Special lecturer given in HPS Haniya
  • Biodiversity of the Western Ghats special lecture given in Gramabharathi Trust Karanagiri
  •  Environment conservation a talk on the vocation of environmental day at Chipplai and Ekari villages of Sagara
  • Distribution pattern of lichens in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary 2011. Presentation given in  ATREE, Bangalore for small grantees program.
  • Medicinal important plants of local region, Hosanagra. 2012. Ramachandrapuramatta Hosanagara.
  • Diversity and Conservation of Plants of Western Ghats 2012. A lecturer given in Pashima Ghatta Samrakshanegagi Vidyathrthi and Youths, A National level environmental awareness camp held at Hosanagara.
  • Traditional important plant and their uses 2013. Ramachandrapuramatta Hosanagara.
  • Ethanomedicine and their importance 2013. Anavatti Forest Dept.
  • Diversity of Medicinal plant and their uses 2013. Aramanekoppa.
  • CV Raman life and achievements 2014. Mythri school, on Science day at Shikaripura
  • Ecosystem and Biodiversity 2014- KRCS, Shikaripura
  • Organized two day workshop on New vistas in Chemical and Life Science-2014 held at KFGC Shikaripura. Sponsored by National Academy of Sciences Bangalore.
  • Biodiversity & Bioprospecting potential of the plants of Western Ghats. 2015. A Special lecturer given at Kodachadri Govt. First Grade College, Hosanagara, Shimoga.
  • Diversity and Bioprospecting potential Lichens of the WGs. 2015. In: National seminar on Role of plants in forest Ecosystem held at Govt. College, Chittur, Palakkad, Kerala
  • Diversity of Cryptogams in Western Ghats. 2016. In: National seminar on Conserving plant resources of India, conducted by JCBM College, Sringeri.
  • Diversity and conservation of Cryptogams in India. 2017. In: National seminar conducted by KSTA, at Srikrishanadevaraya University, Ballari.
  • Bioprospecting potential of cryptogams 2017 in Pharacology dept. Manipal University, Manipal.
  • An over view on Lichen biota of Western Ghats and current Conservation status, Southern India. 2017. National conference on Bioresources, Conservation and Utilization, College of Forestry, Sirsi UAS, Dharwad.
  • Ecology and Conservation of Lower plants. 2017. National conference on Biosciences, Sahyadri Science College, Shimoga.
  • Pattern of Abundance, diversity and conservation of lichens in tropical dry forests pf Western Ghats. 2019. International conference on contemporary research trends in mycology and mycotechnology, Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal, TN.
  • An overview on medicinally important lichens of Western Ghats of South India. 2018. Conservation and utilization of Plant Genetic Resources in Medicinal and Aromatic plants by ICAR organised by UAHS, Bagalkot.

Workshop/Seminar/ Programs organized:

2014– Organised two days workshop on New vistas in Biological and Chemical Sciences supported by Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore

2015– Organised Kuvempu University level inter college Ballbadminton tournament

2016– Organised DST INSPIRE camp supported by DST, India

2017-Organised two days workshop on Current Trends in Natural Resources and its Prospecting supported by Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore

2017– Organised Kuvempu University level inter college Shuttle badminton tournament

2017– Organised District level Science exhibition Competition by KSTA Govt. of Karnataka, Bangalore

2018– Organised State level one day Workshop on Understanding Lichen Biology

2018– Organised State level one day Workshop on Vegetation analysis and Herbarium techniques in association with Karnataka Forest Department

2019– Organised State level one day Workshop on Mass media and Communication in association with Working Journalist forum Shikaripura.

2019– Organised State level one day Workshop on Lichen Bioresources in association with NBRI, Lucknow, UP.

2019– One day state level seminar on Emerging scenarios in Finance and Taxation

2019-Organised two days workshop on Biodiversity and Bioprospecting supported by Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore

Research Guidance:

  • Project guided for 85 B.Sc and 15 M.Sc students and one Ph.d student

Number of PUBLICATIONS: 110


  • Vinayaka K.S. May-2010, Sahajivana nadesuva Kalluhoovu (Lichens). Vignanasangathi, 15(7):2-4.
  • Vinayaka K.S. August- 2010, Avalambane badukagisikodiruva paravalambigalu (Parasites). Vignanasangathi, 15(9):8.
  • Vinayaka K.S. October – 2010, Kavalilada durga- Kavaledurga. Niramtara mazine, 2(8): 15.
  • Vinayaka K.S. November- 2010, Maraballi (Lianas). Vignanasangathi, 15(11).
  • Vinayaka K.S. August-2015, Rakoons. BalaVijnayana, 28(7):2-4.
  • Vinayaka K.S. September- 2011, Pashima ghattada sadyda stithigathi- yinakunoota. Samveedane 1(3):14-15.
  • Vinayaka K.S. May-2015, Rakoons A special animal. Vignanasangathi, 15(7):2-4.

Book Chapter/Book Published:

  • Floral and Faunal wealth of India (2019) as Associate Editor Published by Bhumi Publishing, Kolhpur (ISBN:9788193124789).
  • Vinayaka K.S. and Krishnamurthy Y.L. (2017) Pattern of distribution and substrate specificity of macrolichens in Shimoga district of Southern India.  Biodiversity Assessment: Tool for conservation, Bhumi Publishing, Kolhpur, 112-129. (Book chapter)
  • Prashith Kekuda T.R. and Vinayaka K.S. (2019) Lichen Genus (Ramalina Ach.): Secondary Metabolites, Applications and Biological Activities. Medicinal plants for Human health care. Apple Academic Press.
  • Vinayaka K.S. (2018) Natural pesticides from the Lichens: A unique example for developing Biopesticides. Progress in Crop Diseases Detection and Management: Role in Sustainable Agriculture. Apple Academic Press.
  • Vinayaka K.S. and Archan R. Mesta (2017) An over view on Lichen biota of the Western Ghats and its current conservation status.



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