Ms. Sakeena Naseer

Assistant Professor, H.O.D of Economics
SVS College, Bantwal- 574211.

Participation in Workshops/Seminars and Conferences:

Seminars / workshops Organized :

  • U.G.C. Sponsored state level conference on “Women Entrepreneurship” at S.V.S. College, Bantwal on 16-12-2006
  • U.G.C. Sponsored National level Seminar on “Are India’s Development Programmes Women Oriented?” Organized by Besant Women’s College, Mangalore during 12-1-2006 and 13-1-2006.
  • National workshop on “Mainstreaming Gender into the Curriculum” conducted by the Centre for Women’s Studies, Mangalore University during 22-3-2007 and 24-3-2007.
  • State level Seminar on “Special Economic Zones” Organized by Dept. of Commerce, Business Mgt. & Dept of Economics, Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal on 11-08-2007.
  • Workshop on Research Methodology and Statistical Techniques conducted by ICFAI National College, Mangalore on 24-9-2007.
  • Workshop on “Action Research” by Dr. A. Raman, Charles Strut University, Australia Organized by AIM INSIGHTS, CLHRD, Mangalore on 9-12-2007.
  • State level Economics conference on “Development of Coastal Karnataka: Possibilities and Problems” held at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore on 16-2-2008.
  • National Level Seminar on “Historical & Cultural Dimensions of Coastal Karnataka” Organized by Rani Abakka Tulu Adhyayana Kendra, Bantwal on 6-4-2008.
  • State Level Seminar on “More Inclusive Growth : Approach of XI Five Year Plan” Organized by M.G.M. College, Udupi on 13-9-2008.
  • U.G.C. Sponsored State level Economics Conference on “Development Challenges in Coastal Karnataka” organized by Dept. of Economics, Pompei College, Aikala, D.K. on 19-12-2008
  • U.G.C. Sponsored State level Seminar on “Agriculture in Karnataka: Issues and Challenges” held at Sri Dhavala College, Moodabidri on 23-1-2009.
  • State level Seminar on “Global Recession and its Impact on India Economy – with special reference to Investment and Forex” Organized by Dept. of Economics, SVS College, Bantwal, D.K. on 7-2-2009.
  • University level workshop on “Preparation of Accredidation Report” Organized by IQAC of SVS College, Bantwal, D.K. on 14-2-2009.
  • National Level Seminar on “Representation of Subalterns – Problems and Perspectives” Organized by SVS College, Bantwal during 3-4-2009 & 4-4-2009.
  • U.G.C. Sponsored state level workshop on “Preparing Models of Value Practices at Under-graduate Colleges” Organized by S.V.S. College, Bantwal during 21-8-2009 and 22-8-2009.
  • National Level Seminar on “Reform led development-Myths and Realities” Organized by Vijaya College, Mulki and Forum of free Enterprise, Mumbai on 31-10-2009.
  • National Level Conference on “Sector imbalances in Indian Economy organized by Shri Bhuvanendra College, Karkala on 11-1-2010.
  • State level Seminar on “Art of Problem Solving & Decision Making in Ancient Indian Works” Organized by Dept. of Sanskrit, S.V.S. College, Bantwal during 12-8-2010 and 13-8-2010.
  • UGC Sponsored National level Seminar on “Emerging trends in Entrepreneurial Development” Organized by Besant Women’s College and NITK Science Technology Entrepreneurs Park on 22-1-2011.
  • National Level Conference on “Terrorism and its impact on Indian Economy” held at Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa College, Madikeri on 29-1-2011.
  • National Level workshop on “Inclusive Growth” Concept & Reality Organized by P.G. Dept. of Economics, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore on 27-3-2012.
  • State Level Seminar on “Right to Education” held at Narayana Guru College, Mangalore on 24-9-2012.
  • U.G.C. Sponsored National Level Seminar on Experiences of XI Plan and Expectations of XII Plan (Financial and Social Inclusion) Organized by Bhandarkar’s Arts & Science College, Kundapur during 27-11-2012 and 28-11-2012.
  • Workshop on “Bertrand Russell & Charles Darwin as great world leaders” Organized by CLHRD, Mangalore on 20-1-2013.
  • Deliberations of International Conference on “Rethinking Bhakthi” organized by Kanakadasa Research Centre, Mangalore University during 29-3-2013 and 30-3-2013.
  • National Seminar on “Benchmarking: Modalities for creation and Evaluation of Institutional Practices” organized by IQAC of SVS College, Bantwal on 28-3-2013.
  • National Workshop on “Engaging Priorities: Enabling connections: India, Canada and a way forward” Organized by Dept. of English, Mangalore University Sponsored by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute during 1-3-2013 and 2-3-2013.
  • National Conference on “Academic Libraries: Challenges in the Electronic Era” organized by SVS College, Bantwal during 27-9-2013 & 28-9-2013.
  • State level Seminar on “Save Agriculture, Serve Agriculture: Encouraging the Youth” Organized by Vivekananda College for Research Studies, Puttur (D.K.) on 18-9-2004.
  • National Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Indian Banking with Special reference to advent of technology and Financial Inclusive” Organized by Dept. of Economics, SVS College, Bantwal during 13-8-2015 and 14-8-2015.
  • Workshop on “Question Bank in Economics” Organized by Sacred Heart College, Madanthyar in association with MUEA on 29-8-2015.
  • State Level Conference on “Autonomous Colleges Issues, Prospects & Challenges” at Mangalore University during 20-11-2015 and 21-11-2015.
  • International Conference on “Human Rights Education for Social Work Practice” Organized by School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangalore during 4-3-2016 & 5-3-2016.
  • National Seminar on “Inter-disciplinary Research: Challenges and Opportunities organized by Association of British Scholars, Mangalore Chapter held at Mangalore University on 18-10-2016.
  • National Conference on “Micro Finance: Growth Engine for Rural Economy” Organized by Centre for Advanced Studies in commerce & Mgt, Canara College, Mangalore during 29-1-2016 & 30-1-2016.
  • National Workshop on “Right to Work: New Dimensions of Distress Migration in South India” Organized by Dept. of Economics, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore on 8-3-2016.
  • U.G.C. Sponsored Research Methodology Workshop on “Empowering Scholars for an effective Research Design” Organized by Research and Development Cell, Besant Evening College, Mangalore during 25-4-2016 & 27-4-2016.
  • International Workshop on “Research Writing and Publishing” Organized by Centre of Excellence for Research & Innovation, PA College of Engineering, Mangalore during 1-9-2016 & 3-9-2016.
  • International Conference on “Brexit” Organized by MSNM Besant Institute of P.G. Studies, Mangalore during 2-2-2017 and 3-2-2017.

    Courses attended and Degree Obtained

  • Awarded Facilitator in Human Resource Development by College for Leadership and Human Resource Development, AIM INSIGHTS, The HRD Group, Mangalore, having undergone a certification programme for a duration of ten days on 15-8-2008.
  • Obtained M.Phil degree in Economics from Alagappa University on 2-8-2008.
  • Successfully completed Faculty Development Programme from 7-12-2009 to 18-12-2009 at Besant Women’s College, Mangalore Sponsored by Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, N.Delhi and organized by NITK – STEP, Surathkal.
  • Successfully completed U.G.C. Sponsored special Refresher Course in the subject “Human Rights” (Economics) from 6-9-2011 to 26-9-2011 at U.G.C. Academic Staff College, University of Mysore.
  • Successfully completed U.G.C. Sponsored Orientation Programme from 29-12-2011 to 26-1-2012 at Academic Staff College, University of Mysore.
  • Successfully completed a course in the subject ‘Health, Education and Welfare in India ; Analysis of Inter-group Disparities conducted by Global Initiative of Academic Network’ (GIAN), MHRD, Govt. of India Mangalore University from 6-11-2017 to 10-11-2017.

    Paper Presentations & Research; and Publications

  • Completed a U.G.C. Sponsored Minor Research Project dated 27-1-2010 on the topic “Women Empowerment among Muslim Community – a study with reference to Mangalore Taluk in D.K. District, Karnataka”.
  • Presented a paper titled “Role of NGOs in promoting women Entrepreneurship in D.K. And the challenges faced by them” at the National Conference on “Third Sector Response to Contemporary Challenges” Organized by Sahayadri College of Management & Sciences during 2-1-2012 and 3-1-2012.
    The paper has been published in the conference proceedings with ISBN no. 978-93-81195-10-9.

  • Presented a paper titled “Quantifying the Unpaid Care Economy – A review of Contemporary gender budgeting Research” at U.G.C. Sponsored National Seminar on “Social Capital Formation – the Indian Experience” organized by Besant Women’s College, Mangalore.
    The paper has been published in the conference proceedings.

  • Presented a paper titled “Micro finance and Women Empowerment in Rural India – Issues and Proposals” at National Conference on “Women Empowerment through Micro finance – Challenges and Prospects” Organized by Dept. of Commerce, St. Agnes College, Mangalore during 23-1-2015 and 24-1-2015.
    The paper has been published in the proceedings of the conference with ISBN no. 978-81-930869-0-3.

  • Presented a paper titled “Issues of Women Empowerment among Muslim Community – A study with reference to Mangalore Taluk in D.K. District” at a National Conference on ‘Gender Issues on Campus & in Society’ organized by Centre for Women & Gender Studies, Canara College, Mangalore during 23-1-2015 and 24-1-2015.
    The paper has been published in the conference proceedings with ISBN no 978-81-927561-3-4.

  • Presented a paper titled “Gender Equality & Education – an analysis of the Education situation in India with special emphasis on higher education” at an International Conference on ‘Challenges & Opportunities for Sustainable Rural Development focused on Swatch Bharat, Rural Water Supply, Sanitation, Education and Health” organized by University of Mysore; Karnataka State Planning Board, Development Resource Foundation, Mysore & ISBR, Bangalore during 28-8-2017 and 29-8-2017.
    The Paper has been published in the International journal of Academic Research with ISSN no. 2348-766 vol-4, Issue 2 (6), Aug: 2017.

  • Presented a paper titled “Empowering Women and Sustainable Development: A study of Muslim women in Karnataka” at the third International Conference on Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends, organized by SDMIMD, Mysore during 10-11-2017 & 11-11-2017.
    The paper has been published in the conference proceedings.

  • Presented a paper titled “Minorities Welfare – A need: a review of the findings of Sachar Committee” at National conference on ‘Changing contours of Welfare Programmes in India: Issues & Challenges’ organized by Dept. of Studies in Economics, Tumkur University on 29-11-2017.
  • Presented a paper titled “Gender Equity Issue : A need for strengthening the livelihood of Rural Women” at ICSSR Sponsored national Seminar on ‘Rethinking Rural Development in India – A Gandhian Perspective’ organized by University College of Art, Tumkuru University.
  • Presented a paper titled “Promoting Sustainable Agriculture” at National Seminar on ‘Land Economy: Issues & Challenges’ organized by Sri Mahaveera College, Moodabidri during 20-1-2017 and 21-1-2017.
    The paper has been published in the conference proceeding with ISBN no. 978-81-930129-1-8.

  • Presented a paper titled “Importance of financial literacy and Counselling – Global initiatives and initiatives in India” organized by Centre for Advanced Research in Financial Inclusion and International ‘We Serve’ Foundation, Kentucky, U.S.A. at School of Management, Manipal during 4-3-2017 and 5-3-2017.
    The paper has been published in the conference proceedings.

  • Presented a paper titled “Minorities Welfare – A need : a review of the findings of Sachar Committee” at International Multi-disciplinary conference on ‘Educational Development and Social Welfare’ organized by St. Philomena First Grade College, Hassan ; University of Mysore; State Planning Board; Nareusan University & Devt. of Research Foundation, Mysore on 27-1-2018.
    The paper has been published in the international journal, volume IV, ISBN no. 978-1-387-53000-7.

  • Presented a paper titled ‘An evaluation of Micro finance and SHGs as tools to expand financial inclusion” at 2nd International Conference on Inclusive growth and Sustainable Development Organized by SDMIMD, Mysore during 18-11-2016 & 19-11-2016.
    The paper has been published in the conference proceedings.

  • Availed two years study leave under FDP by U.G.C. from 5-1-2016 to 4-1-2018 to pursue Ph.D. research in Economics in Mangalore University.

    As Resource Person

  • At National Seminar on ‘Women & Expression’ held at Dept. of P.G. Studies & Research, Govt. of College, Kasargod sponsored by Directorate of Collegiate Education, Kerala during 29-9-2015 and 30-9-2015.
  • For “FEEL EMPLOYABLE’ learning and Development Interventions at NMAM Institute of Technology, Karkala during 26-4-2008 and 28-4-2008.
  • Leadership and HRD programme for Students of Govt. First Grade College, B.C. Road on 2-4-2011.
  • Personality Development Programme for first year degree students of P.A. College, Mangalore on 4-8-2014.

    Extension Activity

    Co-ordinated Extension Programme for High School students of neighbouring Schools with the concept ‘SUMMER SCHOOL’ of 10 days duration during academic year 2012-13; 2013-14; 2014-15;2017-18.

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