Political Science


  • To make our students better citizens of tomorrow the department has made an effort to give political education like enlightening the students regarding the Indian political system.
  • To acquaint the students regarding political theories of the past and the conceptual changes that has taking place in present day.
  • The students are encouraged to get through competitive examinations and join as Administrators.
  • To acquaint the students with linkage of domestic and international politics.

Department Facilities

  • Department library
  • Panchayath Visit
  • Certificate course in HRD
  • Guest lecture programmes by experts.
  • Student projects.
  • Challenging tasks for Advanced learners.
  • Study material and question bank.

Department Highlights

  • No of student projects – 10
  • No of seminars etc. attended – 20
  • No. of papers presented – 03
  • Faculty as Resourse Person – 01

Political Science Department

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